- Tutorial videos for creating drumnbass

- Using automations in sequencer software
A nice trick to help the vocals cutting through a mix is to lift them up 2-4 db (G = Gain) at 3000hz (F = Frequency) with small Q (Bandwith/Frequency) and reduce all other tracks at this frequency for 2-4 db with small Q also.
Normally insert the EQ before the COMPRESSOR.
Cut off your mix below 30hz with a highpass filter.
Or - even better - each track at about 100hz except bassdrum (60 - 80hz) and bass (ca.30hz).
To get a more "vintage" sound cut off your mix at about 12 khz with a lowpass filter.
Work with 32 bit flow if possible.
To me personally a sample rate of 44,1 khz is enough.
Normally do not render reverb into a track before the final mixdown (except for FX-tracks).
Make a backup of your presets and templates on USB-stick or seperate hard disk.
Normally Reverb(s) is(are) used as SEND - FX.
Low frequencies should be placed in the middle of the panorama.
Insert a Limiter as the last plugin into the master output. Adjust the ceilling at about -0,3 db so that you have a little reserve left for the mastering process.
Create depth in your mix with different reverbs. The more high frequencies a reverb has the nearer it appears to be for our ears and vice versa.
Analysing and trying to reconstruct a track you like is a good way of learning.